Mobile Friendly Websites

Over 50% of internet connections are now made by using a mobile device – either a mobile phone, tablet or ipad. If you have a local service website such as a hair dressers or garage, this figure could be much higher. Making sure your website looks right on all types of devices is now a must.

You really don’t want to require visitors to have to enlarge sections of your website just to make it large enough to read. This makes it difficult for them in that they have to scroll around side to side as well as up and down. Your visitors will soon tire of this and move to a more ‘mobile friendly’ website that fits their screen and only requires up and down scrolling.

Another important issue is that Google is now penalising websites that do not have mobile friendly versions. You will be bumped down the search engine results for your keywords. Google has a mobile friendly testing page at :

Try entering your website address to see the results.

Very old websites that use ‘tables’ in their html coding are either very difficult or impossible to convert into mobile friendly versions. These will require full recoding using ‘css’ in the html coding.

The good news is that websites that already use ‘css’ in the html can be converted to become completely mobile friendly for all devices. This requires writing new sets of coding for basically all the different sized versions of devices available.

So there are a number of advantages to having a mobile responsive website :-

  1. The website ‘fits’ the screen of the user so that they only need to scroll up and down. Navigation of the site is usually done using a ‘menu’ button that makes the navigation buttons ‘pop-up’ on the screen.
  2. Your website will become ‘Google Friendly’ which will give it a boost up Google’s results positions for your keywords.
  3. Mobile devices use ‘tap’ technology so, for instance, tapping a phone number on a mobile phone website results in instantly calling the number.

If you would like help with your Mobile Friendly website :-

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