Spam Email Messages RE: Keywords and Google

I’m receiving quite a few email messages at the moment from people who claim they can get my website to appear on page one of Google’s search results for my ‘keywords’. The thing is I’m already appearing on page one for virtually all my keywords. So it’s obvious that they have not actually looked at my website or how it’s appearing on Google otherwise they would know this.

Looking more closely at the emails I noticed that some use gmail accounts which indicates they are not a reputable business – here today gone tomorrow. Another comes from this kind of address – – there is no such website as and you can tell by the name ‘ohrtwszww’ that something is wrong. I’ve received one from ‘’ and another from ‘’ which are clearly both spam email addresses.

These are nothing more than ‘fishing’ exercises and the emails are sent by automated robots to thousands of website owners in the hope that a small percentage of unwitting people will respond.

All my clients websites have been fully optimised for Google and their keywords. If you have any doubts about keywords and Google let me know.