The most important thing you need to know about having a website.

Make Sure Your Domain Name is Registered in Your Name
(NB. Your Domain Name is the same thing as your website address)

This is absolutely vital.


If it’s not registered in your name you don’t own it – even if it’s your business name !


Sometimes website designers or ‘friends’ register domain names on your behalf but they enter their own name as registrant instead of yours. If at some later date they ‘go missing’ it can be impossible to regain control of your website. This happens more often than you think!

You won’t be able to update your website, or fix any problems or even move it to a new hosting company ! It could stop working altogether because the ‘registrant’ hasn’t paid the renewal fees to the registrar.


The domain hosting company will not deal with you without the username and password for the Admin panel.

Nominet, the registrar,will not transfer a domain name without the permission of the existing registrant.

If you have a .com domain name it is impossible to regain control of it. The .com registrar is in the USA.


Maybe you want to move your website management to another website company because you’re getting poor service or you just trust someone else more.

I’ve had several clients come to me who’ve had to start over because their domain name was not registered to them and they could no longer contact their ‘friend’, website designer or hosting company.

Even if you can contact them they may hold you hostage to demands for additional money.


If you loose your domain name you must start over. It may be possible to recover your website but it would have to go on a new and different domain name.


Because you will loose all your standing with Google. The longer a website has been on the Internet, the more standing it has with Google and the higher it will show you in Google’s search results.

All the links to your website will be useless because they will be pointing to the wrong domain name. These links all add up and are extremely important in getting you placed highly on Google.

You will also have to change all your letter headings, business cards, vehicle and property signage. Not to mention all those customers and prospects that know your website address and can no longer find it.


If you’ve lost contact with the person who looks after your domain name and it’s not registered to you then I’m afraid you’ve lost it. The website may continue to work for a time but you won’t be able to update it. It will eventually stop.

But, it is possible to recover most of the actual website. This can then be uploaded to a new domain name (registered to you !) and the website could then be updated.

If you have a domain name and it is registered to you, but you can’t contact the person who controls it, there is a process whereby you can gain control of it through Nominet (the registrar for all domain names)

The website would need to be ‘rescued’ from the Internet and uploaded to a new server. The domain could then be transferred to a new hosting company and all would work again. This would be a much better option than building a new website from scratch on a new domain name.

SO ….

Make Sure Your Domain Name is Registered in Your Name

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